There are about a million lyric sites that are reasonably good out there. These are links of more general interest.

Perry Rose

Perry Rose


  • Perry Rose. A great singer and an equally great melody writer. Perry is an Irishman living in Brussels, whose family’s roots have circus folk on both sides. Site in English and French.
  • Marka. Once a roadie in a band I sang in! Since then, he has become a regular fixture on the French live scene and chalked up a hit or two – notably the naughty “Accouplé”. We worked together more recently on a track for his album “Made in Liège”.
  • Sounds Unique Kevin Osborne is a British writer, producer and remixer (check his mash-ups) with whom I’ve done some writing.
  • CB Milton/Clarence Milton Bekker. We had a few hits with him in the 90s, notably “It’s a Loving Thing”, and he later went on to great things later with the “Playing fro Change” project.

Download and share music

  • Potato mp3 and sales. A system for selling MP3s that encourages people to sell them as they get a percentage of any subsequent sale. From the makers of the MP3!
  • eMusic. 1 million tracks (25 free on sign-up) and very good recommendations. Lots of good indie music.
  • 7Digital. Great UK site that offers fast downloads of recent material in MP3, i-Pod or WM formats. Recommended.

Writer and lyricist stuff

  • A-Lyric Goodies. Fancy a US stamp with rappers? Or funky lyricist messenger bags? Start here for gifts and other items.
  • HitQuarters. Large online directory of record company A&Rs, managers, producers & publishers, incl. credits & contact. Music industry interviews, free artist pages, A&R Panel demo submission.
  • Band-it Newsletter. Monthly tipsheet with leads to labels and managers looking for bands and songs. Enter code “59” to receive 5 free issues.
  • MusicRoom. The UK’s foremost site for music books and assorted goodies. Ships free to Europe for larger orders.
  • Music Lyrics. News site with resources about song lyrics.

Musician Stuff

  • Uncommon Sound. A definitive anthology and celebration of players and songwriters out of (or in?) left field.
  • Music Library Report. Composers and songwriters rate their experiences with music libraries.

Help with your genre

  • African Rap. News site that lives up to its name, with news and biogs for a number of bands plus international tour dates.

Lyric Search

Useful Links

  • BBC Guide. The BBC seems to have discontinued their page on songwriting and publishing. Here’s a section on getting started in the biz.
  • Music-Wire. News items focused on artists from around the world, without necessarily being world music artists.
  • Wobbly Music. Services for mature artists & music lovers. “We record older artists & unite them with mature listeners”.
  • Cannes or Bust! Midem, MIPCOM, MIPTV and the Cannes Film Festival: inside news and tips about the music and film worlds from Cannes.
  • Music X-Ray. A site that lists openings for bands and songs. It’s bona-fide. You pay to pitch and get feedback.


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  1. To Michael, the accidental lyricist

    Would you be willing to post a few of my videos from YouTube on your site. There is a song that just hit the Netherlands one week ago and has 10,000 hits. It is called MOODY. I am trying to promote 5 videos right now. The other 4 are YOU’RE NOT MY BABY, MAN IN TIME, CRASHING NOISE, THEY DON’T MAKE THAT STUFF.

    Forgot to put correct website. ( This has ALL the lyrics to all the songs. You have a cool site.

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