Will Irish Eurovision entry survive Russian anti-gay laws?

Will Irish Eurovision entry survive Russian anti-gay laws?

Could video of “Together” lead to a broadcast ban in Russia?

Despite a very brief flurry of excitement that Johnny “Rotten” Lydon could have possibly represented Ireland at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy was eventually chosen for the song “Together”. In many ways, it’s a strong contender. It’s an elegantly-written contemporary mid-tempo with a nice sentiment. It also comes with a neat video of a couple walking through Dublin streets by night before breaking out into some spontaneous contemporary dance.

But here’s the thing.

The couple are gay. So? So Russia introduced very stringent laws concerning what they call “gay propaganda” some years back. If the Eurovision decides to broadcast the video, the Russian channels will be obliged to re-transmit it. Broadcasters cannot pick and choose which parts of the live broadcast they want to show.

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