Premiering new songs with Yves Erauw

Yves Erauw mixing “The Other Woman”

Songwriting can be  a long process. When you write with someone in mind, it can be either easier or harder – depending on the singer. With Yves Erauw, it’s both. Getting the songs down is relatively painless, but working on the arrangements is more complex as we are working towards a particular sound.

So it’s nice to be able to break up the writing/arranging cycle and get out of the house for a concert. If you’re in Brussels on July 21, drop by the Place St Josse after 10.30pm, as Yves will be playing with The Elites and premiering at least two new songs: “U Better be Good” and “The Other Woman”. There will also be a firework show after the gig.

Place: Place St Josse, Brussels

Date July 21 (Belgian National Holiday)

Time: 10.30pm

Drop a note if you intend to go (or caught the show). Details of the show.

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on “Premiering new songs with Yves Erauw
One Comment on “Premiering new songs with Yves Erauw

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