LyricWiki migrates to Wikia

As I reported here a while back, LyricWiki was recently served notice that it could no longer supply its lyrics to various applications. Rather than go the way of so many web-based initiatives, it is now being incorporated into Wikia and has negotiated a deal with Gracenote that will do two interesting things: serve up bona-fide lyrics and ensure some royalties go to the relevant publishers and lyricists.

As I have often said, most lyric sites are technically spam. They provide user-generated material that is massively copied from other sources. So any move towards more accurate lyrics on the web has to be applauded. The new set-up will mean that the considerable LyricWiki community will be preserved at a new address. “It’s good to know that our years of hard work won’t be evaporating any time soon!” said Sean Colombo. “This is a gigantic relief for me and I’m sure many of you as well.”

Details about the migration can be found on Wikia. And you’ll have to get used to the new address at

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