Perry Rose available on Amazon France

Perry Rose available on Amazon France

Perry Rose Glasgow by team4action


Glasgow lyrics

One of my writing partners is featured on the new Amazon France MP3 store. I’ve been writing with Perry Rose for years, and the albums “Celtic Circus” and “Hocus Pocus” can be downloaded as MP3 files from the Amazon MP3 site. “Glasgow” was his latest single, and probably his biggest success.

Glasgow” will be included in an upcoming compilation to be released on March 16, 2013. Listen to Glasgow on Spotify

Glasgow lyrics

I’m on my way to Glasgow
Glasgow is the place where my lover was born
Thought I’d have a laugh there, so I closed my door
And I sang, sang, sang until I reached the town
‘Till the plane touched down hitting the ground
Glasgow is a gas, well! that’s what I’ve been told
Yeah, yeah, yeah

There I met the in-laws father was a teacher
And the mother was Ma
Walked her to the markets god those women are tough
And I stayed, stayed, stayed until the night came down
‘Till the boys came round out of the cold
And Glasgow can be cold well! that’s what I’ve been told
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Do you still believe in rock ‘n roll ?
The driver asked me there in the cab
The music saved my mortal soul
The girl said at the club
You and me we are just the same she made my mouth go dry
Can you really feel the way I feel and on and on and on
Till the wrong seemed right, right, right
Glasgow was alright so I stayed one more night
Yeah yeah yeah

When I woke up headless, my body still in bed
Thought I’d find my way back, but walked ten miles instead
My head rang, rang, rang I felt as dry as a bone
Then I find my way, what can I say ?
Glasgow is insane so I stayed one more day
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Rose/Leahy Published by Team 4 Action

Perry Rose’s Glasgow on Amazon UK

You’ve come this far, why not make my day and buy the track? 😉

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