TIP: Amanda Ghost, “Blood on the Line”

Amanda Ghost Blood on the Line
For once, an old-fashioned singer-songwritery tip. Amanda Ghost is perhaps best-known for having co-written “You’re Beautiful” with James Blunt. She also wrote “Beautiful Liar” for Beyonce and Shakira. But as you’ll see from this and other tracks of hers, she’s a compelling singer and songwriter on her own.
“Blood on the Line” is pretty straightforward lyrically, but beautifully done:

I don’t know how to shut my mouth,
no other way to let it out.
I have a voice that won’t be heard,
an empty cage without a bird.
I don’t know how I missed the sign,
Lord I must be blind,
But, that’s my blood on the line.
That’s my blood on the line.

Nicely put.

One comment to “TIP: Amanda Ghost, “Blood on the Line””
One comment to “TIP: Amanda Ghost, “Blood on the Line””

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