Singapore debuts “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”

With “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, Singapore is now the 30th country to host a lyric-based TV competition. Along the lines of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, the game pushes contestants to sing the missing lines of songs. The prize at the end of the rainbow? A cool $500,000. The show is hosted by local celebrity Gurmit Singh. Apart from actually knowing the lyrics, it takes a cool head to win. Talking to Channels News Asia, Singh said, “These people who come along thinking they know the song and when the music stops, the lyrics go away, they get stumped. My theory is this, when people see blanks, dashes, their minds go blank as well.”

Well, it sounds like writers are not the only ones to suffer from the fever of a blank page. My advice to contestants: don’t look at those blanks. My advice to writers: same thing.

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