Modest Mouse “Dashboard” picks up BMI award

Modest Mouse’s single “Dashboard” picked up the award for the College Song of the Year from BMI recently, topping a strong career since 2006’s “We Were Dead before the Ship Even Sank” (although they’ve existed since 1994). I’ve always enjoyed the band for their titles such as “This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About”. So I had a quick look at “Dashboard”‘s lyrics.

The wry tone of the Washington band is just as strong in the lyrics as in the titles. The giddy optimism in the face of outstanding odds is quite topical.

Well, it would’ve been, could’ve been worse than you would ever know.
Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio.

Oh, it should’ve been, could’ve been worse than you would ever know.
Well, you told me about nowhere well it sounds like someplace I’d like to go.

Oh, it could’ve been, should’ve been worse than you would ever know.
Well, the windshield was broken but I love the fresh air you know.
(The dashboard melted but we still have the radio)

Modest Mouse recently contributed material to War Child International alongside Jarvis Cocker and Rage Against the Machine. Having said all that, I must admit that their sound does nothing for me, notably the barking vocals. But congratulations nonetheless.

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