Lyric sites are spam?

Here’s something that I have basically been saying for a good while: the lyric sites are by and large spam. You’ve probably checked sites for lyrics and noticed that they often same very basic level of information, a few words. There is very rarely any information about who wrote the songs, nor who the publisher is, nor (in general) who has covered the song, nor info about translations. So by Google’s standards, most are spam as they consist of automatically generated pages of copied information with no added value.
It’s a sad state of affairs. But maybe Google will sort out the boys from the men, according to this article. Check Search Engine Land. The music publishers are also approaching the sites about licensing their material, which will cause them to look at their “business model” a little more closely.

One comment to “Lyric sites are spam?”
One comment to “Lyric sites are spam?”
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