Nashville travels to Belfast

Visitors from Northern Ireland might want to check out the upcoming Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival when US and Irish writers will be hooking up between February 20 ad 24. Nashville’s Don Schlitz will perform several of his 24 #1 hit songs including, “When You Say Nothing At All”, “The Gambler” and “Forever and Ever Amen”. Pat Alger performs his hit songs and Kevin Gordon, Ralph Murphy, Victoria Banks, Eliza Lynn and Tony Kerr all make the journey from America. “Heart On My Sleeve” and “Breakaway” writer Benny Gallagher is coming as is Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue, Chris Difford of Squeeze, Swedish songwriter Tobias Froberg, John Power and Dougie Maclean (‘Caledonia’). Visiting American artists will join local writers on stage to perform solo and ‘In The Round’ concerts. Ben Glover, Bap Kennedy, Cat Malojian, Anthony Toner, The Delawares, Charlie McGettigan, Wally Page, Janet Holmes, Kevin Doherty and Paul Casey are all taking part. For details, visit Belfast-Nashville.

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