My name in lights!

My name in lights!

I went to the movies last night to check out the latest film by Jan Verheyen, “Vermist” (Missing). The reason was quite selfish: I wanted to see my name in lights. Composer Steve Willaert had contacted me during the summer to write some lyrics for a song he was writing for it. I was happy to oblige…

Vermist movie poster
Vermist the movie

“Vermist” is a thriller about a missing 16 year-old that was living a double life. The cops fall into a network of prostitution and have to deal with an invasive father. It features two of Flanders’ rising stars, Koen De Bouw and Kevin Janssens. Chantal Kashala sang the track, called “Waiting”. I’ll post more about her later. This is not the first time stuff of mine has been used in films, but it is the first I have actually written a song specifically for a movie (the closest I got was writing a song for a soya drink a year ago).

Check the music by clicking on “Vermist” below:

Incidentally, download this track and all the proceeds go straight to Steve and me. There’s no label. Plus, you can put the track on your blog and earn some pocket money!

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