Free MP3: Adam Tensta “Bangin’ on the System”

Free MP3: Adam Tensta “Bangin’ on the System”

Bangin on the System Here’s a freebie MP3 to check out. Adam Tensta is a rapper based in Sweden and who tours in the region. “Bangin’ on the System”, featuring Eboi, is an extract from his upcoming album “It’s a Tensta Thing”. To download the track, try bangin_on_the_system.mp3!  To find out more, visit RMH Entertainment.

So what’s it all about? Click through to catch the lyrics.

Bangin’ on the System

So who you bangin’ for, I’m bangin for the grandmas holdin’ it down
Makin’ it stick like family stick cause blood´ll never water down
I got your back you got mine we in it like an army
So I thank my grand mama for all them jewels that she done dropped me, man
Now we got every colour throwing signs up in the air
Show what they think about the pigs if they coming here
Cause we got dicked in the election like its Tallahassee
That ain’t the first time we got dicked either if you ask me
It’s been going down for 40 something years
Ever since the first immigrant started climbing up the stairs
They wanna pull you back do anything to dirty your name
But all’s fair in love and war that’s how these motherfuckers playing
From the womb to the tomb they degrade you media how the portray you
Young black and innocent turn to young black and immigrant quick
That ain’t new to me or people round my way
But I guess its hard to understand its a Tensta thing baby
Car chasins, choppaz sprayin’, dope pushin’, coppaz preyin’
Dope money keep us obligated homie I am not complainin’
These boys are politickin’, these boys are dolla getting’
Don’t play wit paper boy these hoods contain a lotta weapons
Police say its in my genes to sell dat white powda
I disagree but in my jeans I keep dat white powda
Faced inequality, hatred and broken promises
A lotta people couldn’t get a job so all you see is ghetto pharmacists
Ever since we came down here
A lotta people didn’t want us around here
So they figure they could put us on da outskirts
But it really just made downtown worse
Nowadays inner city where da skinny dopeheads get fixed up
Hoes getting’ picked up, tricks getting’ dick sucked
Sellin’ blow in da clubs to get bucks (how you luv dat)
I’m tryina get paid niggaz don’t play on da hustle with my kinfolks
Tryina get it how we live so a nigga gotta grind for my niggaz in da pen tho’
Whether you 9 to 5'in, robbin’ or you slangin’ homie
You feel you had enough putcha middlefinga up and start bangin’ on da system
Feeling like I’ve been bangin’ on the system for ages rippin’ the pages
Out my rhyme book man I’ve been spittin’ on stages but it ain’t budging
It ain’t cavin’ in, it looks like they playing to win the system been the
Same ever since slavery began, so how you think its going to change when It’s tainted with sin
When history repeatin’ itself again and again and it feel like I’m
Repeatin’ myself I sing and I sing
Till my throat is sore and all you hear is bangin’ bangin’ bangin’ bangin’
Straight out of v-Ã¥s my man Adam come from Tensta dedicated my life to
Tearing down every damndest barbed wire fence
Cause what I see round the world people treated like animals and then some
The youths eat themselves turning cannibals in prison thru the hanging
and the lynching
You been handing out your sentence and I know your scared to listen
cause I’m hangin’ out with kids
That play it loud music b b b bangin from their system DVSG´S Respect
My Hustle bangin’ on the system what!

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