Gwen Stefani: “don’t take all my lyrics literally”

Gwen Stefani, This is pop music, remember? Pop columnists have been specualting that the lyrics to Gwen Stefani’s “Breakin’ Up” somehow reflected on the state of her relationship with long-standing husband Gavin Rossdale. Did they even read the lyrics?

The song is basically a long list of frustrations, as the singer tries to get through to what sounds like a sulky lover while her phone’s battery is dying and the lover has put his voicemail on. I’ve tried hard to find some sort of connection with Stefani and/or her relationship, but the song still sounds like… pop music.

I think the idea is that the communication between two people that are breaking up is similar to bad phone connections. They try to talk, but they can’t. And when they do, it’s misunderstood.

There are times when a pop song is just a pop song. You can only do so much analysing. Or, to quote Stefani herself, “You really shouldn’t take all my lyrics literally”.


Breakin’ Up lyrics

Here’s an extract from the verse:
I finally get you on the phone & our connection’s all wrong
You are acting like I’m starvin’ you out, & my battery is gettin’ low
Get me charged up or you will regret it
I need to call you back so I can hear you better
‘Bout to end the conversation altogether, yeah
Hold up I think you’re cutting out
Hold up I think you’re cutting out
Hold up I think I’m losing you
Hold up I think I’m losing you
Tell me can you hear me now?

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