Funny lyrics: the jury is out

After Christmas and New Year, I’m feeling a little lazy. So I couldn’t help linking to a discussion about "funny" lyrics on the UK’s Digital Spy. Funny ha-ha or funny-peculiar? Well, this where it gets interesting, as what some people think is funny, are just some of the worst lyrics on the planet for other people. Could they be serious when they wrote this stuff? Taken out of context, of course, many lyrics are plain odd.
Remember that old TV clip of a guy reading Gene Vincent’s "Be Bop-A-Lu-La" with a poker face? So I know it’s not fair to give other people’s words the same treatment. But I will anyway! So if you like Kirsty MacColl, The Pogues, AC/DC, Nick Cave and/or R Kelly, get ready to defend your favourite lyrics (or perhaps not).

Read the full thread on Digital Spy.

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