So Solid lyrics analysed in court

London rap outfit So Solid have found themselves back in court, with Dwayne “Megaman” Vincent charged with ordering a fatal shooting. During the trial, police picked out several lines attributed to Megaman, including, “Telling you niggas, talking about you wanna blaze me / It’s so easy to pull out your gat, rat-a-tat-tat, lay three niggers on their back”. His lawyer, meanwhile, claimed that that was just one interpretation taken out of context. He pointed to the line, “It’s about time that we all flip the script, let’s stick together, all turn legit”, to show that Megaman also talked about the issue of “going legit”. The trial is ongoing.

The US has already had this debate about crime suspects that are also rap lyricists. Should rap lyrics be held against them in court? For more about So Solid, see their website

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