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“Love Me” lyrics and lyric video

It can be really difficult to pull off, but I love bringing people together to see what happens. In this case, I was contacted by KayKay with some questions about attending the Midem music conferences. I asked her to send some stuff. She sent a riff that I liked, so I asked to Herman to build a pop song.

It didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen a second time.

But the melody Herman wrote kept running around my head, so I eventually found a singer and asked Herman to re-arrange the track completely and so we ended up with “Love Me”, under the project name 8rix.

End-to-end, we’re talking about a 3-year gap.

Beauty queens and dogs

Herman just reminded me that the song has changed over that time. The original impulse for the track was the line, “Don’t kiss me like a beauty queen and then treat me like a dog”. That got lost in the version shuffle when the big chorus was added. You can’t argue with a big chorus.

When I posted this first, I added this comment. It still fits it, I think ;-).

If you like “Love Me”, add the track to a playlist or share it with your boyfriend as a hint. If you are a boyfriend already, take it as a direct hint anyway. Maybe your girl is too polite to tell you herself.

And KayKay, if you’re reading this, get in touch will ya?

“Love Me” on Spotify

Love Me lyrics

There’s a line you have to draw, girl

There’s a line you have to draw

There’s a time you have to say no

Tell your man there ain’t no more

There’s a line you have to draw, girl

Pull your finger through the sand

There’s a line you have to draw, girl

There’s a time to just say “no”

Turn around and let him know that

This line leads to the door

There’s a time you have to say, “no”

And I know that you know when

There’s a time you have to say, “go”

Take a break and start again

And it’s there – what I want

(So) turn it on – turn it off

This is me – this is my life

Gonna be alright


Ain’t you gonna love me… like a beauty queen

Ain’t you gonna touch me… like a movie scene

Ain’t you gonna love me… tell me what you mean

Ain’t you gonna touch me… make me scream

Hey, you know I’ve got this thing, boy

You can see it in my eyes

I can tell what’s on your mind, boy

Ain’t no way to hide your lies

There are times when I’m alone though

Just thinking all this stuff

And I know when it’s all wrong, boy

Half a love is not enough


Ain’t you gonna love me… like a beauty queen

Ain’t you gonna touch me… like a movie scene

Ain’t you gonna love me… tell me what you mean

Ain’t you gonna touch me… make me scream

Ad libs

Listen up, I’ve got to say to you

Only thing you got to know that’s true

Don’t give up when they diss on you

Just say, “no-no-no”

Aint’ you gonna love me

It’s my life, gonna be alright

My life, gonna be alright

©Leahy/Martin 2019     

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